Dear Colleagues,
Dear all,

On behalf of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, let me invite you to the 105th Annual Conference of the Directors General of the National Statistical Institutes, DGINS.

I am honoured to introduce the theme of the DGINS 2019 „The statistical implications of globalization“. Globalization has been strongly influencing economic and social changes across the world for many years. It has resulted in national economies becoming increasingly linked to and accelerated by innovation cycles, as well as higher migration and more strongly related cultural and social trends. Adapting to these changes, which are not only regional as in the past but also global, is only enabled on the basis of administrative decision-based data and statistics.

At the same time, this theme involves a certain degree of symbolism – Slovakia’s success story as a small open-economy in the heart of Europe encapsulates the ability to correctly identify forthcoming global trends.

In recent years, DGINS conferences have become a valuable platform for joint discussions on issues relating to the European statistical system, its future direction, and improvements in relation to the development and needs of our users. I believe that our joint efforts will result in improved conditions for decision-making stakeholders, as well as for businesses and the general public in the global world.

I look forward to meeting you to Bratislava in October. 

Ing. Alexander Ballek
President of the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic